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Look at prices for some of my services

  • Configuring Yandex or Google mail for a domain 15 USD

    This method of creating mail of the form box@mydomain.ru is suitable for both a license and a rental (cloud), and indeed for any site.

    Setting up mail for 1 site included
  • Protecting the site from crawling and intensive chaotic requests from 25 USD

    Chaotic intensive requests heavily load servers and transport channels, significantly slowing down the site. Using scanning, attackers copy the content of websites and identify weaknesses in their protection, causing significant damage.

    Protection for 1 site included
    For no more than 5 subdomains +10 USD
  • SSL certificate, installation and configuration 15 USD

    In simple terms, the main function of an SSL certificate is to secure the communication between the server and the client. When SSL is installed, every bit of information is encrypted.

    Connecting and configuring an SSL certificate included
  • Automatic backup from 20 USD

    It is imperative to regularly back up your website. A website backup means you can have a similar copy of your content and data with you.

    The service includes 1 site
    For no more than 5 subdomains +10 USD
    Databases No more than 20
  • Search engine optimization from 20 USD

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of improving page rank on search engines like Google. Since search is one of the primary ways to find content on the internet, higher search engine rankings can lead to more traffic to your website.

    Setting up robots.txt included
    Setting up .htaccess +10 USD
    Setting up sitemap.xml +10 USD

Just 8 steps - and your site is ready to use.

  • 01/08

    Discussion of site requirements, site concept and other

    We will discuss the site via phone, skype, mail all your wishes for the site - what should be, how and where.

  • 02/08

    Technical task

    I will create a file with all your requirements and wishes for the site.

  • 03/08

    Design creation, layout development

    I will make changes to the layout if necessary, if the design is not pleasant, we will discuss it again and make a new layout.

    Next, I will create a design layout of the site in accordance with all the wishes and requirements, and skip it for your approval.

  • 04/08

    Layout of pages and templates

    After approval of the design, I proceed to the layout of the site.

  • 05/08


    After creating the site, I will test that everything works as it should.

  • 06/08


    Then I upload the site to my hosting and give you a link to the site, you will see if I need to make edits somewhere I make edits.

  • 07/08

    Placement of the project on a public platform

    Then I upload the site to your hosting and attach it to the domain.

  • 08/08

    Technical Support

    Also, if there are further questions, I will help, I will tell you, I will do what is needed.

    If I wish, I can write instructions on how to use the site, fill it, etc.

Warranty for all my work - up to 1 month

This is unlikely, but if you find any flaws in my work, I will immediately fix them.

My success - is my habit!

I participate in the development of promising startups in the field of high technologies


    I offer high quality professional services in website development, web development, optimization, design, corporate identity and other design services, as well as consulting in the field of web technologies.


    If you have a number of Clients interested in website development, but you do not have enough labor resources to resolve all issues on your own, entrust me with your tasks in web development.


    I am open to any proposals for cooperation in the development of startups. Interested and motivated to participate in this kind of projects on a long-term basis.

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